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Expertise and Quality Craftsmanship

Palace Roofing delivers exceptional workmanship with a team of highly skilled professionals. Trust in our precision and expertise for your roofing needs.

Comprehensive Services and Solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions for all roofing needs, from minor repairs to complete replacements. Our services include material selection, regular maintenance, and prompt attention to any concerns.

Exceptional Customer Service

Homeowners who choose Palace Roofing receive outstanding customer service with clear communication throughout the entire process. Our dedication to satisfaction ensures that all needs, preferences, questions, or concerns are addressed promptly and professionally.


We Got You Covered

We have helped hundreds of homeowners minimize their out-of-pocket cost through insurance claims.

If your roof has been damaged by storm, hail or natural elements, we can help you get the most out of your insurance.

We are former licensed insurance adjusters and can help guide you to getting the best roof replacement at the minimal cost available.

"As former insurance adjusters, we know how to navigate the complex web of insurance claims so that YOU can MINIMIZE your out-of-pocket expenses."

Roof Repair

Protecting your home starts at the very top with a sturdy roof. Don't let potential damage put your home at risk. Engage with Palace Roofing's experienced team to address those repairs efficiently and meticulously. We'll evaluate the condition of your roof and offer appropriate repair solutions suitable for every budget.

Our specialists will walk you through various material choices, breaking down costs, benefits, and functionality so you can make an informed choice for your household. If you're in search of a reputable roofer in Atlanta, Georgia, known for prompt and reliable service, call (678) 665-1060 today.

A roof repair goes a long way in making sure no additional damage deteriorates the quality of your roof, saving you a lot of money in the long-run. Palace Roofing has the expertise to ensure repairs prevent further damage.

Roof Repair

Learn how our seasoned crew delivers prompt and efficient roof repairs that are budget-friendly.

Roof Leak Repair

Unattended roof leaks can escalate into significant issues. For comprehensive and lasting repair solutions, reach out to our professionals.

Hail Damage Repair

Trust our adept roofers to conduct a meticulous inspection, spotting both overt and concealed damages, ensuring a complete fix.

Wind Damage Repair

Wind's aftermath often means torn or missing sections leading to leaks or critter invasions. Count on our experts for swift and effective repairs.

Roof Installation & Replacement

Every home reaches a point when a new roof becomes a necessity. Whether you're erecting a new property and selecting its inaugural roof, or your current roof has seen better days, Palace Roofing's seasoned team is at your service to ensure every detail meets your satisfaction.

Our adept crew offers insights on the right materials, ensuring you're always in the loop regarding timelines and processes. From laying asphalt shingles to installing wooden shake variants, our roofing experts pride themselves on precision and quality. For the gold standard in roof installations across Atlanta, GA, call Palace Roofing at (678) 665-1060.

Our crews are masters at roofing and with unmatched attention to detail for making your home water-tight and protected.

Roof Installation & Replacement

The professionals at Palace Roofing are primed to tackle your roofing installation or overhaul. With efficiency and expertise, we guarantee a roof that complements and protects your Atlanta home.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

When your shingles show signs of wear, reach out to our seasoned crew at Palace Roofing. We'll walk you through the best replacement choices and ensure a flawless finish that elevates your home.

Metal Roofing Installation

Metal roofing is surging in popularity, and for good reasons. Dive into the perks of metal roofing with Palace Roofing and see if it aligns with your home's vision.

Roof Insurance Claims Help

If Mother Nature wreaks havoc on your roof, your insurance might foot the bill for a new one. Palace Roofing's specialists will guide you seamlessly through the claims journey, ensuring a swift resolution.

Working With Us

When roof repair is no longer a viable option, Palace Roofing steps in to guide you through the process of a full roof replacement in Georgia. Whether it's for a commercial or residential property, we're here to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our consultation process covers essential factors to tailor the perfect solution for you, including:

  • Style Preferences: Aligning the roof's design with your aesthetic goals.

  • Material Comparisons: Weighing the benefits of various materials to find the best fit.

  • Property’s Needs: Assessing specific requirements based on the property's structure and location.

  • Your Budget: Finding a quality solution that aligns with your financial considerations.

  • Property's Size: Ensuring the chosen solution accommodates the size and shape of the property.

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[“If you could only show your visitor one testimonial from the past...who would it be? Use this section to present a brief quote from your biggest, most compelling success story!”]

[Customer Name]

[“If you could only show your visitor one testimonial from the past...who would it be? Use this section to present a brief quote from your biggest, most compelling success story!”]

[Customer Name]

[“If you could only show your visitor one testimonial from the past...who would it be? Use this section to present a brief quote from your biggest, most compelling success story!”]




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